Finding an affordable vehicle that's exciting to drive and right for your lifestyle can seem like an impossible feat. City Mitsubishi is here to make it easier than ever! Trading-in your current vehicle is a clever way of saving big on your next car, truck, or SUV. With our Kelley Blue Book vehicle trade appraisal form, you can find the market value of your vehicle and get every penny you deserve from our dealership in Jacksonville, FL. Start this simple, money-saving process now.

How to Maximize Your Vehicle's Trade-In Value

Chances are you've spent thousands of miles in your current vehicle and it's always hard to part ways with an on-road companion that's gotten you from A to B for years on end. But you don't want all the mileage you've amassed to show up at first glance of your car, truck, or SUV no matter how much sentimental value those dents and imperfections have to you. 
Before trading-in your vehicle to a dealership like City Mitsubishi, you'll want to address any visible scrapes and scuffs the vehicle has. Of course, make sure the car, truck, or SUV is as clean as can be-a simple detailing job could do wonders when it comes to your trade-in value. These simple measures may require a little initial investment, but it will pay huge dividends when you purchase your next new or used vehicle.  

New and Pre-Owned Vehicles For Sale in Jacksonville, FL

Now that you know how much your current vehicle is worth, you can focus on the fun part-finding the perfect car, truck, or SUV for the next era of your life on the open road! City Mitsubishi is home to a huge inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles. From used luxury sedans to brand-new Mitsubishi crossovers, you're sure to find the ideal ride for your driveway at our dealership in Jacksonville, FL. Browse our entire selection from the comfort of your couch now.    


Apply for Auto Financing Online at City Mitsubishi

As we mentioned earlier, trading-in your vehicle can make the financing process easier than you'd ever imagined. No matter your credit score situation, the finance department at City Mitsubishi will utilize our resources to secure the auto loan you need for your next car, truck, or SUV. Fill out our simple finance application to pre-qualify today.    

Contact The Auto Financing Experts at City Mitsubishi in Jacksonville, FL

There's no budget too low or print to fine for the financing department at City Mitsubishi. If you have any questions about our vehicle trade-in process, inventory, or financing options, feel free to give us a call or visit our dealership in Jacksonville, FL. We're here to make your car-shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as it can be!